If you have a medical emergency, please call 000 for an ambulance or attend the nearest local hospital emergency.

The following information is for other standard appointments. Please contact the practice to book an appointment during business hours.

To improve our services and reduce waiting times, appointments are preferable except in urgent cases. We will see walk-ins, however priority will be given to patients with an appointment.

A standard consultation is up to 10 minutes. Please limit consultations to 1-2 issues. Please ring reception if you require a longer appointment e.g. procedures, pap smears, immunisations, new patients, works compensation, counselling etc.

All referrals, repeat prescriptions and blood test result require and appointment.

Please note that medical certificates and referrals CANNOT be backdated.

Please be advised that the appointment time is the time of arrival to the surgery and NOT necessary the time you will be seen by the doctor. Please be patient while waiting in the reception area, particular when the surgery is busy. We aim to keep your waiting time to a minimum. However, there will be some appointments when a patient needs some extra time, which is out of a doctors control. Please be understanding and considerate. You can call up and check with the receptionist regarding the waiting time.

Please call our receptionist for an appointment : 02 8203 2228.